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Why are Medi-facials recommended during the pandemic and after?

Posted date on Oct 26, 2020

It is a very common practice for both men and women to undergo ‘facial’ and ‘clean ups’. It has been considered as a normal beauty or skin care routine. Traditionally the parlours and spas were popular places and provided the relaxing sessions. But as the awareness increases amongst the millennials, they often question the products and processes behind these procedures. 

To cover this gap, Dermatologists have initiated the concept of ‘medi-facials’ or medical grade facials which are defined as ‘scientific treatments that use medical grade products, processes and equipment to provide good skin health and skincare’.

Benefits of medi-facials for skin health

  1. Offers skin rejuvenation and skin glow

  2. Helps in improving dry and dehydrated skin.

  3. Helps to prevent wrinkles and ageing

  4. Helps to hydrate the skin in a deeper fashion

  5. Helps to remove blackheads and whiteheads

  6. Helps to improve circulation

  7. Helps to beat skin fatigue

  8. Helps to prevent formation of age spots

  9. Helps to prevent pimples and breakouts

  10. Helps to beat tiredness of skin 

  11. Keeps skin fresh and supple

What is the difference between regular facials and medi-facials?

Who should opt for medi-facials?

Medi-facials are appropriate for both males and females looking for:

  1. Boost of health for skin 

  2. Improve the skin glow

  3. Remove uneven skin tone

  4. To get the ‘Bridal skin’ ready

  5. Anyone who has sensitive skin which easily breaks out or reacts to normal products should go for  ‘medi facials’

  6. Pre-bridal skincare – It is a very crucial time in one’s life and everyone cherishes a beautiful skin. ‘pre bridal ‘ skin care requires an expert hand and advice as one cannot bear to take risk with skin especially if it is sensitive. Medi-facials ensure that you look resplendent and glowing on your wedding day without any risk or side effects. As medi-facials are done under the expert Dermatologist, all the risk and side effects are taken care of.  Medi-facials are really popular in our patients seeking pre bridal skin care in Whitefield, Bangalore.

  7. People are scared to go to salons/spas due to the risk of COVID19 situations. We at Dr. Divya’s Skin and Hair Solutions clinic ensures the highest standards of hygiene and even boasts of ‘contactless medi-facials’ where there is no close contact but still one can enjoy the benefits of medi facials.

What are the types of medi-facials done at Dr. Divya’s Skin and Hair Solutions Clinic?

We perform “medi-facials” of highest efficacy under the expert supervision of Dr. Divya Sharma.

  1. Hydrainfuse facial

    For busy office goers and WFH patients , this medifacial helps to restore hydration by boosting the natural moisturizers and adding suppleness and smoothness to the skin. Using botanical ingredients like oatmeal extract and seed kernels extract, the barrier of skin is restored and you feel fresh and dewy.

  2. Medicated ‘clean up’ 

    For all the patients who have oily skin and are prone to frequent breakouts, this quick half an hour procedure helps to unclog the pores and remove blackheads. It also helps in exfoliation of the skin and adds freshness to the skin.

  3. Lumina boost medifacial

    To add skin glow and bring a fresh radiant look , this medifacial is perfect before any party or before a date night. Special extracts from pine bark tree and willow bark add brightness and radiant glow to the skin. We combine with our signature photofacials to give everlasting Hollywood style glam.

  4. Photofacials

    Perfect for those suffering from ‘skin fatigue’ and those who have very sensitive skin. For all our patrons who are scared to use any ‘products’ this minimal touch and maximal benefit medifacial works wonders.


  5. Hollywood Glam and Go medifacial

    The red carpet look is ready with our internationally acclaimed Q switched Laser Spectra GOLD combined with luminosity enhancing medi facials. Performed over a period of more than an hour, it is especially recommended for oily and pimple prone skin.

  6. The ‘skin cocktail’ medifacial

    Combination of superficial and deep treatments we rotate many modalities of skin rejuvenating treatments in one go , making your skin treatment complete.

  7. Acvanish medi-facials

  8. Signature Vampire lift facials

Why opt for skin care Medi Facials at Dr. Divya’s skin and Hair solutions Clinic?

At Dr. Divya’s Skin and Hair Solutions clinic in Marathahalli/Whitefield, we offer all services under the expert supervision of Dr. Divya Sharma who is renowned dermatologist and there is emphasis on ‘side effect’ and ‘chemical free’ procedures. We ensure highest standards of safety and hygiene and maintain strict asepsis in our premises especially during COVID19 pandemic. We believe in ‘minimal ‘ treatment approach and focus on overall skin health. Dr Divya Sharma takes special interest in improvement of overall well being of the patient and long term results is our goal in every treatment even medi facials in Bangalore. Your skin is our concern and we take care as no one else. A strict post procedure follow up is done to ensure compliance.

Are medi facials recommended for all age groups?

Parlour facials sometimes trigger allergic reactions and breakouts in sensitive skin. For a beginner who has never done even a facial to someone who is regularly doing facials, Medi Facials are a perfect solution. We take pride in being ultra careful in judging your skin type right and offering you safe and ‘chemical free’ options. For any adult above 18 years , medi facials will add life to your years especially skin health.

Can Men opt for medi facial too?

Men also require a continuous care skin regimen and medi facials are a good way to pamper and improve the skin texture, prevent uneven skin tone and avoid pigmentation. Men tend to suffer more from acne breakouts, fine lines and black spots and often hide their skin problems. But as more awareness is generated, we see male patients greatly benefiting from medi facials where the goal is just not to pamper but prosper your skin.

What are the Do’s and Don'ts after a medifacial?

A medifacial is a scientific treatment and requires strict post procedure care. We offer a list of Do’s and Don'ts during, before and after medi facials.

  1. Avoid going out too much in the sun  before and after the medi facials to make sure the skin remains blemish free.

  2. Avoid scrubbing the skin after procedure

  3. Avoid heavy makeup and cosmetics after the procedure

  4. Do not use retinoid based or Glycolic acid based procedures 3 days before and after the treatment

  5. Do not use hot water or steam after medi facials

  6. Avoid waxing or hair removal on the face after the medifacial

  7. Avoid toners or astringents after the medifacial

What skin care is required after the medifacial?

  1. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen immediately after procedure

  2. Make sure you continue the cleanser and Vitamin C serum or gel as advised

  3. Continue an antioxidant rich diet after the medifacial

  4. Start using the medicated ointments if any after 3 days of the procedure

  5. Cover yourself with a hat or scarf whenever you step out.

  6. Drink plenty of fluids and keep yourself hydrated.

  7. Protect your skin from pollution and dust.

  8. Please book your next appointment to see continuous improvement and we recommend minimum 4 to 6 sessions for seeing maximal benefits

What do we expect after the medifacial?

  1. Slight redness can be there for a few hours which subsides on its own

  2. Radiant and dewy skin

  3. A happy healthy and glowing skin

During COVID 19, Medi Facials at Dr. Divya’s Skin and Hair solutions are the safest and trendiest bet for a happy healthy and glowing skin. Don’t let the pandemic put a break to your skin care.


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