What should I do and not Do when I am suffering from Acne?

1)Try not to pick or squeeze your spots as this usually aggravates them and may cause scarring.

2)Expect to use your treatments for at least two months before you see much improvement. Make sure that you understand how to use them correctly so you get the maximum benefit.

3)Some topical treatments may dry or irritate the skin when you start using them. If your face goes red and is irritated by a lotion or cream, stop treatment for a few days and try using the treatment less often and then building up gradually.

4)Make-up may help your confidence. Use products that are oil-free or water-based. Choose products that are labelled as being ‘non-comedogenic’ (should not cause blackheads or whiteheads) or non-acnegenic (should not cause acne).

5)Cleanse your skin and remove make-up with a mild soap or a gentle cleanser and water, or an oil-free soap substitute.
Scrubbing too hard can irritate the skin and make your acne worse. Remember blackheads are not due to poor washing or Dirt.

6)Once your pimples come under control, donot stop your treatment else it will relapse.

7)Please consult your Dermatologist before opting for any procedure even simple parlour ones like clean ups or facials especially if you are using topical or oral Retinoids.

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