Common skin rashes in babies

Appearance of strange rashes on your baby’s rosy supple skin can be alarming. Most of you many get distressed at the mere sight of these skin issues. The rashes on baby skin can develop due to infections (viral, bacterial or fungal) or allergies (food or medication). If the baby shows severe symptoms or display other symptoms like fever, itching, etc it is advised to consult a good dermatologist. It takes a few months time until new born babies are accustomed to the outside environment. Hence good hygiene should be maintained to prevent development of infections and other allergies in infants.

Common skin rashes in babies

  1. Diaper rash
  2. The use of baby diapers for long hours may cause rashes in genital area and buttocks. These rashes are caused by bacterial/fungal infections. If the symptoms are worse, the physician will prescribe a topical ointment.

  1. Miliaria/ Heat rash
  2. Heat rash/Prickly heat/Miliaria is commonly seen in infants due to sweating and lack of air circulation through the clothes. It is characterized by tiny red itchy bumps causing prickling sensation on various parts of the body. If symptoms are severe, keep the baby’s body cool, dress up baby in loose airy clothes or use a paediatric grade prickly heat powder.

  1. Erythema ToxicumNeonatorum (ETN)
  2. This is a common skin condition in neonates displaying red blotchy patches and in rare case pustules on the skin. It mostly appears within 1 week of birth. The exact cause of ETN is unknown. The symptoms will usually clear up in few weeks without any treatment.

  1. Ringworm
  2. It is a fungal infection that displays ring shaped rashes on the body. It is usually developed on the scalp, feet and genital parts. Ringworm is contagious and can spread through humans, animals and public spaces.  

  1. Eczema
  2. Eczema is a chronic skin condition characterizing red rashes/patches on baby skin which are itchy. Skin folds like knees/elbows are more likely to develop eczema.

  1. Hives/urticaria
  2. This is an allergic rash condition developed in babies who are allergic to certain food such as milk, egg, etc. The red rashes are developed due to histamines released in the body in response to the allergic substance.

  1. Hand, foot and mouth rash
  2. This is a viral infection which causes development of blisters/bumps on the palms, feet and mouth of babies. Sometimes the symptoms may worsen to form painful ulcers that need treatment medications.

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